Download Referral Form

Thank you for your interest in Behavioral Sleep Medicine! Patients often say they appreciate being given non-pharmaceutical options to address their sleep disorder.

These treatments are covered by insurance under the patient’s routine outpatient behavioral health benefits, and I am in network with a number of insurances, including Medicare. Insurance does not require a physician referral.

To refer a patient:

Please fax the simple referral form provided above, and I will call the patient to set the appointment and then follow-up with you. You can also use your own referral form, faxed to (414) 727-0920 (please include cover sheet with attention to: Catherine Loomis). Your patient notes can be helpful for my assessment, but are not required.

I will ask the patient for permission for me to communicate with their providers, and will provide sleep log data when available.

Please feel free to e-mail or call me if you would like me to bring you additional information and/or brochures. I am always happy to learn more information about providers in the area that I can refer patients to.

For mental health professionals: Many of my patients are concurrently undergoing psychotherapy as they meet with me. Insurance pays for both services as long as they are not provided on the same day. My work with patients is generally short term, and focuses specifically on sleep. I request the patient’s permission to call their psychotherapist to briefly coordinate care, and I provide frequent updates on the patient’s progress.